ESD-safe precision Hex nut driver set with practicle plastic rack, especially for use in an ESD Protected Area (EPA) where static sensitive devices are being handled. The disspative handle with a surface resistance of 10- 109 Ohm is designed to discharge static charges safely and controled, according to ESD-standard EN61340-5-1.

These precision drivers are equipped with a rotating cap that makes one-hand incremental adjustments quick and easy.

This set contains:
► six Hex nut screwdrivers 2,5x60 / 3x60 / 3,5x60 / 4x60 / 5x60 and 5,5x60

277K6 | Hex nut driver set | precision | 6 pcs | ESD-safe.

  • Brand: Wiha
  • Product Code:277K6
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