The 8500 series Programmable DC Electronic Loads can be used for testing and evaluating a variety of DC power sources. Their wide operating ranges of up to 500 V and 240 A, flexible operating modes and excellent measurement accuracy make the 8500 series well suited for characterizing DC Power supplies, DC-DC Converters, batteries, fuel cells and solar cells.

When selecting a DC load, it is important to consider not only voltage and current requirements, but also power ratings. The power used when testing must fall within the hatched region for the appropriate DC load. Some applications may require high voltage/low current and low voltage/high current which a single load may not be able to handle. BK Precision’s broad range of DC loads will allow you to select the optimal model for your requirements.

Technical specs
Beveiliging: OVP - Over Voltage Protection / OCP - Over Current Protection / OPP - Over Power Protection / OTP - Over Temperature Protection
Functies: CV - Constant Voltage / CC - Constant Current / CR - Constant Resistance / CW - Constant Power
Geheugen: 25 settings
Ingangswaarden: 0 - 120 VDC / 0 - 120 A / max. 600 W
Nauwkeurigheid: Voltage ± 0,05% / Current ± 0,1% / Resistance ± 1%

8510 / DC Electronic Load / 600W

  • Brand: BK Precision
  • Product Code: 8510
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