De MI3394 is a universal tester intended for type approvals of electrical appliances and machines. Thanks to the wide adjustability this tester can be used for allmost every norm. The internal processor can perform a series of tests automatically. The testresults are stored real time on a microSD card.
The free PC software enables the upload of test sequences, downloading testresults directly to the PC harddrive, automatic data storage on the PC-harddrive for further evaluation. If needed you can print test certificates.
The testdata can also be imported into Excel for furhter analysis. In Excel you can easily change the layout and adapt it to your company style. You may also insert your company logo.

The MI3394 is truely een workhorse and is supplied with all needed accessories. Depending upon the application, the MI3394 comes including n extensive set of accessories, f.e. EuroSet, LineSet, StdSet en de LabSet.



Technical specs
Meetfunkties: - High voltage test 0...5000VAC/500VA - Insulation resistance till 200MΩ - PE-conductor till 25A - Leakage current till 20mA - Substitue leakage current till 20mA - Touch leakage current till 2mA - Functional test - Discharge time till 10sec

MI3394 | CE MultiTester | THE general purpose Machine and Swtichboard Tester

  • Brand: Metrel
  • Product Code: MI3394ST
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