he iCon NANO is a 100% ESD-safe soldering station with a powerfull 80W heating element. This provides an extreem short heating time of only 9 sec! The combination of high heating capacity with the interior heated soldering tips, in combination with the accurate RESISTRONIC temperature control, makes the iCon NANO the workhorse for the electronics industry. Because of the large temperatur range of 150°C tot 450°C this soldering station is suitable for leadfree soldering tin
The iCon NANO is supplied including:

  • electronic station with large LCD-display
  • tool holder with tip cleaning sponge
  • super light iTool soldering iron (only 30gr!)

In addition the station offers a stepless adjustable temperature, a calibration capability, and an adjustable "stand-by" function.


iCon NANO | Soldering station ESD-safe | 80W | three preset temperatures

  • Brand: Ersa
  • Product Code: iCon NANO
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