ESD-safe dial calliper that meets the EN61340-5-1 standards. Made of non-metallic high-tech material with fibre-glass re-enforcement. This gives the calliper extreme high rigidity, that ensures a repeatable accuracy of 0,1mm. The jaws are extremely wear-resistant for lasting long-term precise measurements.
Because of the non-metallic construction, the calliper is non-corrosive, non-magnetic, hardly conductive and electrically insulated.
Surface resistance: 106 - 109 Ohm.

Technical specs
Accuracy: Repeatability ≥ 0,1mm / one dial rotation represents 10mm.
Algemene kenmerken: Non-corrosive / non-magnetic / hardly no heat conductivity / good resistance to chemicals

411-21108 | Dial Calliper - dialMax | ESD-safe.

  • Brand: Wiha
  • Product Code:411-21108
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