High quality ceramic precision screwdriver set. Specially designed for tuning and adjusting high frequency devices.
The blades and handles are completely antimagnetic and anti-static. This is a fundamental requirement for working with highly sensitive components, suchs as capacitors, solenoids and various resistances. The blades are made of high-tech zirconium ceramic. The handles are equipped with a rotating cap for optimum handling.
These screwdrivers are the perfect tools for all applications in clean rooms and for delicate electrostatic components.
The set contains three screwdrivers in a practical plastic box.

Technical specs
The set contains: Two slotted screwdrivers (0,9x15 and 2,6x15) and one Philips screwdriver (PH0x15)

270 HK3 | Screwdriver set | Ceramic version | set of 3 pcs.

  • Brand: Wiha
  • Product Code:270 HK3
  • Availability:Pre-Order

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