Elabo is a leading manufacturer of technical furniture for electric/electronics laboratories and maintenance shops, but also for instruction areas in schools

modular system of wallcabinets offers a multi-functional storage system of interlinked tall cabinets. The cabinets can be linked until the desired length is obtained.
Special add on elements provide optimal use of the height between floor and ceiling. There are even corner elements in case a row of cabinets have to be placed through the corner of a room.

All doors are standard equipped with three metal hinges in combination with a 3-point locking system with safety lock. In case of loss or theft  or damage to a key or lock, the concerning cylinder can easily be replaced.
A unique locking system offers the possibility to give each cabinet its own key, but it is also possible to give a group of cabinets their own key. With the masterkey it is possible to open each cabinet in case of an emergency. This system offers the best possible safety and security when storing your valuable equipment.

Cabinet doors can either be made as a blind panel or be made of glass. In this case approx. 4/5 of the width of the door is made of thick safety glass over the entire height. This way you have maximum view of the equipment and materials inside. You can see at a glance if all objects are in their right place.

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