Standing rests

Standing rests

Almost every second employer sometimes has to work standing for longer periods of time. But standing for a long time is exhausting and causes numerous heart and vascular diseases and complaints regarding muscles and joints.

The standing rest is the ideal solution for all work at which one normally can not sit down, but long term standing is too tiring. The standing rest keeps the load of your legs and feet so you can concentrate on your work instead of standing. Allmost 60% of your body weight is no longer charging your legs and feet, but is comfortably resting on the seat and the base. And without limiting your freedom of movement.

This way your vascular system, muscles and tendons, nerves and joints are being spared. At the same time your spinal colomn is kept in the correct position.
With these measures you effectively reduce sick leave!

Ofcourse we can supply the standing rests 100% ESD-safe, according to EN61340-5-1.

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