Bits ¼ inch HEX

Bits ¼ inch HEX

Good quality and good fitting tools make work more easy and improve the overall quality. The better grip of a good fitting bit will reduce the cam-out effect and thereby prevent unnecessary damage to screwhead and/or your product. 

Special coatings like "Wolfram Carbide" (DuraBit series) and "Diamond powder" (Diamond Torsion series) guarantee an extreme grip and prevent cam-out allmost entirely. Moreover the service life improves significantly thus reducing costs.

Wiha also  supplies special bits for hard (ZOT Torsion bits) and soft (HOT Torsion bits) materials. The TiN Torsion bits are coated with a very hard Titanium-Nitride coating. These are especially suited for intensive and heavy fastening tasks.

See the table below for the various bit shapes:



(PDF-datasheet) Loose Bits

 (PDF-datasheet) Choice of correct Bit

 (PDF-datasheet) Bit storage/selector

 (PDF-datasheet) Bitholders

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